How to observe your vulva for the first time


As if it were a recipe, we can spend some time observing our vulva and connecting with it.
I am still struck by the number of women who today have not observed what is between their legs.
What do we need?


-Vegetable organic oil. I like almond oil, but you can choose the one you like the most: coconut, avocado… If you use the olive, you might have the feeling of having left the salad on the side, but that’s a matter of taste.


-A mirror. Preferably leave both hands free and about 20 cm in diameter.
Try not to make it a magnifying mirror, since you will see your vulva distorted and it is not what we are looking for.


-A source of light. The desk lamps that have an arm that can be moved are perfect.


-A cushion to support you.


-A towel to put on you. It may get oiled, so choose one that’s not your favorite.


-Time. Block an hour for yourself where no one will bother you and you have privacy.
It takes knowledge, planning, patience, and practice to master any skill.


Let´s do it!

We sat down.
Now, when everything is close, sit with your legs open and your pelvis forward. If you go to Pilates this gesture is probably incorporated.
At that moment, although it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world, your vulva should be seen from the front.


Massage your vulva while looking in the mirror. Put oil in your hands and start consciously touching the areas above, below and next to your clitoris. You can pull the protective hood of the clitoris back and gently touch the small glans.

The clitoral hood is there to protect. Once you feel how sensitive it is, you’ll know not to stimulate the glans directly. This small organ has 8,000 nerve endings and must be handled with care.
Some women say they are «rubbing» their clitoris, which sounds like rubbing the soles of their feet. Be sweet with this small, powerful sexual organ.


Start by having an image of your sexual organ with related parts, which not only gives us pleasure, but can also give birth to a baby.

You can compare your vulva with others, or get an idea of how they are here.
Keep in mind, that each vulva is unique and that just like your face is yours and you could look like someone, but you are unique, with the vulva happens the same.

Seeing the vulva, knowing the different parts and accepting its appearance is the first step to becoming a completely orgasmic woman.


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