Bodysex workshop with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross


The very idea of attending a workshop on female masturbation is quite interesting enough, although meeting Betty Dodson, the author of the bestseller “Sex for One”, is even more exciting.



NYC, Upper East Side – we arrive at 13:00h, and we get to know each other. We’re a group of 10 women that are going to spend 10 intense hours together this weekend, between Saturday and Sunday.


Just as you get in, you must undress entirely; so if you weren’t nervous enough, now you can leave your unrest in the hall – along with all your clothes.


Entering the main room is somehow a mystic experience. The ambient is set with cushioned backrests placed in a circle beside a tray that displays sweet almond oil, a vibrator, a steel bar and a tissue box.

barrasAfter a quick intro, Betty says:


“I want to know how you feel with your body and your orgasms. I don’t want details about your partners. This is about your sexuality.”


The group continues to nude itself, and sisterhood arises. It’s hard not to feel sympathy towards the stories shared by the other women that take part in this circle.Salon


So, the second day comes, with more expectation if possible.

Will I be able to experience an orgasm in front of all these women? And what if I can’t?

You can almost touch the metamorphosis within the group. All women success in having an orgasm, and they feel whole and enthusiastic about their new gift.


When the day ends, a deeply rooted admiration and sisterhood filled the ambient. Metamorphosis did happen.

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