What did it happen in the Bodysex?


From the moment I start thinking about the date for the Bodysex, it starts the ritual. The sensation is to keep alive the ceremony more than replicating a workshop. It’s something that connects me to the journey of wisdom that Betty Dodson launched in the 60s, and I want to perpetuate.


By setting the date to celebrate the next Bodysex, I start to have a clip in the stomach  with the «countdown effect.» The days fall, tasks multiply, attendees confirmed, and everything culminates in a great swirl followed by a time when the room is ready, the attendees are about to enter, and calm appropriates all as after the tornado.



Once inside, the weekend becomes the pleasurable experience that got me hooked from the first Bodysex.

Those two days run so fast that we were always wanting more.

One of the most wonderful and terrifying at the same time about Bodysex is that it is quite unpredictable.

Every woman is different and original, because experience is built with people attending each time.


And no two equal people: everyone has their fears, their gifts and their expectations.

In this second Bodysex in Spain, I again have the chance to share with an amazing group. Fears eventually disappear, because the Bodysex is individual sex with one, practiced within a circle of peers that do not judge.

With wonderful people as I was lucky to share, the circle and the ritual was perpetuated.

I like to think that the end of all our lives were a little better than before.

Thank you for keeping alive this ritual.



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