How was my first Bodysex


Back in the 70’s, through the very sexual revolution and the rise of Feminism, some Betty Dodson had the idea of making a workshop for women, focused on creating sexual consciousness. A couple weeks ago, I had the idea of looking for the meaning of “consciousness” (in Spanish, “consciencia”) in the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary.



From the Latin, conscientia


When I tell what a bodysex is, I always start describing a group of naked women, forming a circle, focused on their vulvas, their pleasure and their orgasm.

I think that from there it is much easier to start talking about what is this workshop really about. Yes, it IS true, but there’s much more about it.

My first fear was asking myself if the Spanish women would be identic to the women with whom I’ve shared this workshop in NYC, and it apparently looks like we’re all joined in the same interests and fears.

I was afraid of not having the magic, of not being able to recreate it; but at the end of the day, it’s hard for a circle of women, built by women that are sharing from the ego, NOT to work.

Today, I have the feeling that I’ve been ever sharing in circles, from a lineage that starts in the first women in caves until my last weekend. And I get along precisely with that – that part about the consciousness that I so much liked as the dictionary described.


Next workshops:

Ibiza 17-18 September

Barcelona 26-27 November


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