Reinventing the sexuality of XXI century.

What if we could redifine our own sexuality?

We are living even longer and we all want to have a better quality of life.
Our sexuality is an essential part of us from birth and intrisic to a person development.

Bread and sex is an space where open conversations and explore options.
No doubt about it, the world can be a better place.

BodySex Workshop

A workshop where approach the female pleasure, empowerment, trustness and friendship between women through masturbation.
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We want to share our vision of a more erotic world, sensual and playfulness.

Because sometimes inspiration lacks, we want to explore and try new things.
Because there are questions without answers, because of our health, fun or just curiosity.
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50 min session where you can enjoy a personalized training focused on the issues that interest you. The sessions are private and are conducted under a strict confidentiality agreement.
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Investigation and difussion

There are many people all around the world working on sexuality.

From 2013 we are interviewing persons and visiting places that somehow are related to he human sexuality.