50 Shades of Grey. Initiation to BDSM

B of bondage, D domination and discipline, S of submission or sadism and M masochism. We will look at what happens in the trilogy, BDSM and descriptions of behaviours which make a night of lust. Toys that come in books. How to decorate the hall. How to start playing. Safety regulations. What to do next. […]


What is love? What happens when we fall in love? Your emotions are your personality. So why do we hurt? Learning to identify and manage the love and jealousy, will not hinder you to be happy.


Seduction has been matter of study by writers and philosophers since the antique era, but besides that, we don´t always have the tools we need to be seductive women. Objectives: Non verbal communication Tools to seduct How to know if you succeed

I no longer feel like. Why? Retrieves the desire

Eroticism is a living thing, a muscle that you must learn to keep fit. The routine, a new child, apathy or stress, can affect your interest in sex, but that may change. We offer tips to keep your sex life in tune: discover simple ways to boost your sexuality again and load power. Objectives: Identify […]


Our environment is governed by strict rules: dictate us what to think, what to desire, even how and how fantasize. However, the brain is our main body erotic. Build scenarios for the fantasies that live in your imagination and learn to use their full potential. Use all your tools. Objectives: What are they? Where they […]


Your emotions are not your personality. Then, why they hurt us? Learn to identify and manage love and jealousy, they´ll hinder you less to be happy

Bondage 2.0. Expands horizons

Advance your knowledge of this discipline, reinforces what you already know and your safety with ropes. A must have knowledge of bondage, theoretical and practical: it is recommended to have completed level I. Workshop covering the bondage in ground where joint immobilization try and classics like knots or TakateKote Hogtied.

Games outside the bedroom

Add some pepper to your relationship and recover the passion. We will talk about role games. Outside home dates Fantasies. Where to go and how to propose it.

Female Sexuality

Do you want to know more about your sexuality? Learn to call everything by its name and be more in control of your body than ever. We will discuss what we like and how to ask for it. What is an orgasm? What are fantasies? Learn more and better about your body, helping you to […]