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Bodysex workshop with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross

The very idea of attending a workshop on female masturbation is quite interesting enough, although meeting Betty Dodson, the author of the bestseller “Sex for One”, is even more exciting.   NYC, Upper East Side – we arrive at 13:00h, and we get to know each other. We’re a group of 10 women that are going to […]

The order of the factors

Last week, I facilitated a private Bodysex session and when we finished, as usual as always, I had this feeling that these sessions give me a unique chance to closely observing the orgasm. And particularly, observing the lack of orgasm. I recalled what old mathematical law we studied at school, the order of the factors […]

Awards Transgender-Filmfest in Kiel 2018

The event took place for the 6th year and despite wonderful sunny weather people came to the screenings. Here are the Audience-Awards:   Best feature film: UNA MUJER FANTASTICA   Best trans-performance: Debargo Sanyal in VENUS   Best actor (non tg role) Jamie Mayers in VENUS   Best documentary: SIDNEY & FRIENDS Best […]

Should Madonna keep on showing her tits?

A few days ago, Madonna uploaded this photo to her Instagram, where she exposes a portion of the nipple.   Still drooling over a handbag…………….. 👜😂🌈💕 @louisvuitton #nofriends #lisbonisfar #werktodo #fashion 💕💕💕💕🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕💕💕🌸🌸#monalisa Una publicación compartida de Madonna (@madonna) el Ene 25, 2018 at 6:17 PST It is curious that this woman has been accused of […]

Nowhere 2017

There’s an event that’s been happening in the United States since the mid- 80’s and, already in the 90’s, reached international proportions. Today, it congregates 70k people for a summer week in the middle of the Nevada desert: the Burning Man. In this event, there are performances, rituals and artistic expressions born from the self-organized […]

Awards Fetisch Film Festival 2016

The conference took place October 27-29, 2016 in Kiel/Germany. It was good to see so many kinky fil ms. One film was just outstanding: the documentary about photographer Robert Mapplethorpe! Best Film of the year: MAPPLETHORPE – LOOK AT THE PICTURES von Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato Best Song: “Precious Body” by Ines Theileis […]

What did it happen in the Bodysex?

From the moment I start thinking about the date for the Bodysex, it starts the ritual. The sensation is to keep alive the ceremony more than replicating a workshop. It’s something that connects me to the journey of wisdom that Betty Dodson launched in the 60s, and I want to perpetuate.   By setting the […]

How was my first Bodysex

Back in the 70’s, through the very sexual revolution and the rise of Feminism, some Betty Dodson had the idea of making a workshop for women, focused on creating sexual consciousness. A couple weeks ago, I had the idea of looking for the meaning of “consciousness” (in Spanish, “consciencia”) in the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary. […]

Betty Dodson & Carlin Ross interview

At 85, Betty Dodson has the energy of a teenager. His name has been the most pronounced in all the interviews, both as a pioneer and as a revolutionary. The interview is at home, with Carlin Ross.   You lived the sexual revolution, how do you see the scene now? (Betty Dodson) Well, the sexual […]

Carol Queen, wise woman.

When Carol Queen speaks about sexuality, she does so with that brightness in her eyes of one who hasn’t lost the illusion for what she does. Her speech connects with the freedom of the self-more than with the libertine sense.   Author, editor, sexologist and activist of the Sex Positive movement, she invites us to discover our […]