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Nowhere 2017

There’s an event that’s been happening in the United States since the mid- 80’s and, already in the 90’s, reached international proportions. Today, it congregates 70k people for a summer week in the middle of the Nevada desert: the Burning Man. In this event, there are performances, rituals and artistic expressions born from the self-organized […]

Awards Fetisch Film Festival 2016

The conference took place October 27-29, 2016 in Kiel/Germany. It was good to see so many kinky fil ms. One film was just outstanding: the documentary about photographer Robert Mapplethorpe! Best Film of the year: MAPPLETHORPE – LOOK AT THE PICTURES von Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato Best Song: “Precious Body” by Ines Theileis […]

What did it happen in the Bodysex?

From the moment I start thinking about the date for the Bodysex, it starts the ritual. The sensation is to keep alive the ceremony more than replicating a workshop. It’s something that connects me to the journey of wisdom that Betty Dodson launched in the 60s, and I want to perpetuate.   By setting the […]

How was my first Bodysex

Back in the 70’s, through the very sexual revolution and the rise of Feminism, some Betty Dodson had the idea of making a workshop for women, focused on creating sexual consciousness. A couple weeks ago, I had the idea of looking for the meaning of “consciousness” (in Spanish, “consciencia”) in the Royal Spanish Academy Dictionary. […]